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Master-Stroke Training

At Master-Stroke Training we don’t just sell training, we build relationships that provide return on investment. Our training courses and programs work! More importantly we follow up whenever you need us, you get the tools and support you and your staff need to continue to develop year, after year, after year and thats guaranteed.

What We Offer

Brian Tracy Courses

For three decades, Brian Tracy Global has been recognised as one of the world’s premier training and development companies. We have helped millions of individuals and business organisations in many countries solve personal, professional, and organisational challenges.

Proven Methods

  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Double Your Sales
  • Become an Effective Leader
  • Outsell Your Competitors
  • Double Your Time Off

Online Courses

Step by step on line learning available 24/7.

A collection of training materials and resources that you can learn at your own pace. Experience a free training session and look over more than 80 topics. You can choose one module, multiple modules or the entire course.

We provide structured on line training courses for you to develop your skills in time management, productivity, leadership, client relations, sales, as well as helping to increase your business opportunities. All optimised for smartphone and tablet.

Investigative Training

We provide cutting edge training and development for people, organisations, agencies and businesses engaged in investigation, compliance, enforcement, security and fact finding. Our Investigative trainers organise, manage and deliver every time.

Proven Methods

  • Intelligent planning and preparation
  • Operate with clear principles of good practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of all relevant legislation
  • Provide clear and concise case evidence
  • Create a faultless investigation team

In-House/Bespoke Products

We recognise that not everyone can come to us and whats right for one agency may not be right for another. Our consultants are experts at providing solutions and will work with you to meet your needs and ensure that you are happy with the proposed programme content.

We can deliver any of the courses featured on our website as an In-house training solution or we can tailor these programmes to meet your requests or alternatively we can design and develop bespoke programmes based on your business ambitions, staff development objectives and procedural requirements.

Our Client Portfolio

  •  Coca Cola  Coca Cola
  •  FedEx  FedEx
  •  IBM  IBM
  •  Mobil  Mobil
  •  Shell  Shell
  •  Gillette  Gillette
  •  Toyota  Toyota
  •  Volvo  Volvo
  •  Nissan  Nissan
  •  AT&T  AT&T
  •  HP  HP
  •  Canon  Canon
  •  BMW  BMW
  •  Peugeot  Peugeot
  •  Honda  Honda
  •  Air New Zealand  Air New Zealand
  •  New Zealand Post  New Zealand Post
  •  Hyatt  Hyatt
  •  Bank of China  Bank of China
  •  Citi Bank  Citi Bank
  •  Bank of Montreal  Bank of Montreal
  •  Motorola  Motorola
  •  GE Money  GE Money
  •  Dunlop  Dunlop